These systems suit situations where there is a local supply of waste and a local demand for the fuel. 

The systems to create fuels from pyrolysis of waste are offered through Nufuels Ltd.  Contact us for more details and/or to have us assess the proposed application.

There are three parameters that determine the type of system needed:

  • The kiln size. The kilns are designed for slow batch pyrolysis and to be operated by relatively unskilled labour at locations away from built up areas. 
  • The feedstock.  Tyres produce diesel and petrol like liquid fuels, with chars and steel that can be sold as commodities; plastics, a range of waxes; and wood, charcoal and wood vinegar. Inquire about options.
  • The desired products. The operating parameters and post processing system can be tuned to be optimised for preferred outcomes.  Pyrolysis of more than one waste stream and mixed waste streams are both possible.

These systems suit situations where you use:

  • Fuel oil in significant quantities e.g. marine engines, industrial burners. The emulsified fuel is unique in that it will reduce both NOx and particulate emissions while improving efficiency. Provided the volume of use is high the efficiency gains will exceed the cost of the emulsifier system and give net savings.  Applications typically need in-line blenders feeding a buffer tank, although smaller industrial burners could use a batch blender.

  • Diesel in Euro 3 fleets and below and you need to reduce emissions to meet regulatory requirements.  Bus fleet operators are being asked to reduce emissions from their older fleets and Regional Councils are looking for ways improve air quality.  Emulsified fuels will do this, giving an improvement of about one Euro level. It represent a cost-effective alternative to immediately upgrading a fleet. Download our paper setting out the costs and benefits (PDF).  Typically fleet operators will need on-site diesel and will use an in-line blender direct to a dispenser.

  • Diesel combustion in confined spaces.  In mines and other confined spaces the lower emissions from emulsified fuels can help to improve worker health and safety.

Download our emulsifier system product list (PDF).   Contact us for more details on emulsifier systems and/or to have us help assess the proposed application.

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